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Gold-Breasted Waxbill - Normal (Gold-Breasted Waxbill) mutation

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Gold-Breasted Waxbill

Original image copyright: Ross Walker (Ohmi Finch)  近江フィンチ

Species: Gold-Breasted Waxbill シマベニスズメ
Common names: Goldbreast, Gold-breasted Waxbill, Golden-breasted Waxbill, Orange-breasted Waxbill, Orangebreast, Zebra Waxbill
Genus: Amandava subflava
Mutation: Normal ノーマル
Gender: Hen
Split ring number:  46
Born (day/month/year):  1/1/2014 (estimated)
DB item code: 45997
(for the bird pictured above): 

This bird was imported from Tanzania, Africa, by the dealer, thus its actual age is unknown. However, it looks to be a young bird.

General species notes: It is highly desirable in many ways. Its appearance is stunning, especially the male’s, with his blazing red/orange/yellow breast, red eyebrows and neat rows of brown stripes down its sides. No two males are exactly alike. I once heard it poetically put that each waxbill is as different as an African sunset.

Females are a duller version of the male with most of her color contained to the lower abdomen and back. They lack the red eye brows, so even young birds can be sexed visually that way.

Gold-breasted waxbills are considered to be one of the easiest waxbills to breed in captivity and take quickly to domestic life. The base of their diet should be a high-quality dry finch mix, spray millet and (of course) plenty of fresh water for drinking and bathing. Their water dishes should never be deeper than 1 inch due to their extremely tiny size.

Data source: http://www.finchinfo.com/birds/finches/species/goldbreasted_waxbill.php

Site copyright: Dr Ross Walker, Shiga, Japan. The information contained on this website is provided as an educational resource.

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