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Star Finch - Normal mutation




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Star Finch

Original image copyright: Ross Walker (Ohmi Finch)  近江フィンチ

Species: Star Finch コモンチョウ
Common names: Rufous-tailed finch, Red-tailed finch, Red-faced finch, Ruficauda finch, Queensland star finch (N. ruficauda), Western Australian star finch (N. r. clarescens)
Genus: Neochmia ruficauda
Mutation: Normal ノーマル
Gender: Cock
Split ring number:  41
Closed ring code:  Ohmi-2017-034
Born (day/month/year):  7/20/2017
DB item code: 46604
(for the bird pictured above): 

Red head, split fawn.

General mutation notes: Yellow Head - In this mutation the red face area is replaced by a rich and dark glossy yellow. Outstanding yellow specimens appear to have an enamelled head. The tail colour is more golden yellow and the back is olive green with a distinctive gold tint. Legs and feet are bright yellow also.

Yellow Bodied - combining both Fawn and Cinnamon mutations.

Fawn - autosomal recessive. Red of the face is not diluted but the rest of the body and tail are.

Cinnamon (single factor and double factor) - sex-linked recessive. Similar to the Fawn but has a much brighter red tail.

There has been much confusion between these two mutations over the years as they are quite similar in appearance. Both of these mutations dilute the body colour to paler tones. The head colour is not diluted so they attractively enhance the apparent brightness of the head as the vivid red (or yellow) head colour appears darker due to the paler body colour. There is a high degree of variation in the Fawn mutation which adds to the confusion between Fawns and Cinnamons. Some breeders of the Fawn mutation have selectively enhanced the paleness of the fawn body colour as this in turn enhances the brighter head effect. These paler Fawns are most similar in overall appearance to the Cinnamon mutation. Cinnamons are generally heavily diluted greenish body colour with a yellowish hue on the back and wings. The most distinctive trait which distinguishes a Cinnamon from a pale Fawn bird is the upper tail colour which is pale pink on a Cinnamon as opposed to the dull red of a Fawn bird. The white tail bars of a normal Star Finch should be still clearly evident on a Fawn bird, but Cinnamons have an overall pink tail with poorly defined white tail bars which are usually very hazy on the edges compared to a normal or a Fawn.
General species notes: Forehead, sides of head, chin and beak: bright red; neck and upper back: grey-green to olive green; wings: grey-brown; belly: yellowish green; rump and central tail feathers: crimson. Red eyes, yellow legs and feet. Spots located on mask, chest and along the sides of the belly. Older birds tend to have more intense coloration and a greater number of spots. Race N. r. clarescens males have more extensive red on the head, brighter yellowish-green upperparts, yellowish breast and flanks. Juveniles are very similar to Crimson Finch juveniles; they are a dull olive-brown with their underparts being a lighter shade than their back, have a blackish bill, and have brown legs and feet.

Mutations include:

(but pied feathers only tend to show on the head, wings, and tail);
yellow-faced or orange-headed (where the mask is yellow instead of red);

(a lighter, more fawn version of the bird with the same markings, just in a lighter, browner tone) present in Europe, similar to the Australian cinnamon - sex-linked mutation;

Cinnamon (in Australia; green-brown upperparts, underparts paler and more green-buff, rump and uppertail coverts pink-mauve, but red face mask retained);

(in Australia; upperparts pale fawn/cream, underparts pale buff-yellow, rump and uppertail coverts pale pink, eyes red, red face mask remains);
yellow-bodied (in Australia, upperparts and underparts yellow, red areas retained, eyes red);

(in South Africa; upperparts silver green-grey, underparts pale grey-green, red areas become pale orange-yellow while yellow is reduced in intensity in yellow-faced forms)
clear-head (total lack of red on the head, sexing must be done by DNA)

Data source: http://www.finchinfo.com/birds/finches/species/star_finch.php

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