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Gouldian Finch - Green Back mutation

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Gouldian Finch

Original image copyright: Ross Walker (Ohmi Finch)  近江フィンチ

Species: Gouldian Finch コキンチョウ
Common names: Lady Gouldian Finch, Rainbow Finch, Rainbow Bird, Gouldies, Wondrous Finch, Gouldian Grassfinch, Purple-breasted Finch, Purple-chested Finch, Desert Parrotfinch
Genus: Chloebia gouldiae; Erythrura gouldiae
Mutation: Green Back グリーンバック
Gender: Cock
Split ring number:  129
Born (day/month/year):  01/02/2018 (estimated)
DB item code: 46644
(for the bird pictured above): 

Red head, Purple breast, single factor Yellow back.

Quite a light-green back, but considering he's a SF Pastel cock with a purple breast this lighter green colour may not be too unusual.

According to the previous owner (need to confirm):

Parents are:
Cock: White Head (so could be genetically red, yellow, or black head), White breast, DF Yellow back(?), had/has red eyes, so like a Lutino.
Hen: Orange head, Purple (or Lilac) breast, Green back, (normal black eyes).

Grandparents of parent hen were :
Cock: SF Pastel Blue (so green + Yellow, and double blue genes).
Hen: Blue
Red eyes (fallow?) could be in the gene mix.

So parent hen should be blue, not green (based on grandparents).

General mutation notes: This generalised category covers all head colours (red, orange, and black) and chest colours (purple, lilac, and white).
General species notes: Hardiness: Hardy when acclimatized
Reproduction: Often problematic
Singing ability: Somewhat poor
Compatibility: Passive, mixes well with other passive species
Size: 5" (12.7 cm)
Weight: Around 16-17 grams

Data source: http://www.finchinfo.com/birds/finches/species/lady_gouldian_finch.php

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Site copyright: Dr Ross Walker, Shiga, Japan. The information contained on this website is provided as an educational resource.

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