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Gouldian Finch - Blue back mutation

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Gouldian Finch

Original image copyright: Ross Walker (Ohmi Finch)  近江フィンチ

Species: Gouldian Finch コキンチョウ
Common names: Lady Gouldian Finch, Rainbow Finch, Rainbow Bird, Gouldies, Wondrous Finch, Gouldian Grassfinch, Purple-breasted Finch, Purple-chested Finch, Desert Parrotfinch
Genus: Chloebia gouldiae; Erythrura gouldiae
Mutation: Blue back ブルー
Gender: Hen
Split ring number:  131
Born (day/month/year):  01/02/2018 (estimated)
DB item code: 46649
(for the bird pictured above): 

Japanese Red-Eyed Dilute

One of a number of Gouldians with unusual phenotype, related to a mystery "red-eye dilute" gene (might be simply the Lutino gene). These blue specimens are said to be born with red eyes that grow darker over time.

This specimen is said to be a hen. No black on the beak yet, but this is a young bird. Very dilute blacks, and dilute blues too.
Update: still no black on her beak but she has laid her first eggs, so genetically she is very unusual.
Update: laid her first clutch with one chick hatched. At birth the chick has white centre mouth nodules (so blue body) and looks strikingly similar to the colours of a fawn Plumhead chick with dilute blacks, and pink (lutino-like) eyes.

General mutation notes: This generalised category covers all head colours (red, orange, and black) and chest colours (purple, lilac, and white).
General species notes: Hardiness: Hardy when acclimatized
Reproduction: Often problematic
Singing ability: Somewhat poor
Compatibility: Passive, mixes well with other passive species
Size: 5" (12.7 cm)
Weight: Around 16-17 grams

Data source: http://www.finchinfo.com/birds/finches/species/lady_gouldian_finch.php

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Site copyright: Dr Ross Walker, Shiga, Japan. The information contained on this website is provided as an educational resource.

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